How to Get Flawless Porcelain Skin

How to Get Flawless Porcelain Skin

3 Great Services That a Hair Stylist Can Provide for You

by Judith Davidson

Hair stylists can perform several different services for you that are great for your hair. While the two most common services that hair stylists perform are coloring and cutting, they also offer several other services that are just as important. This article is going to discuss three great services that a hair stylist can provide for you. 

Hair Extensions 

If you have always wanted to have long hair, thicker hair, or both, but just can't seem to get your hair to grow like this on its own, then hair extensions are likely the best option for you. A hair stylist is going to be able to put in either clip-in or permanent extensions for you. With clip-in extensions, the stylist is just going to color and blend the extensions for you so that they look good in your hair, but with permanent extensions the stylist is actually going to put the extensions in permanently using beads, glue, or some other form of adhering the extension to your natural hair. 

Corrective Coloring 

Sometimes when you try and color your hair at home, things can go very wrong. Box dyes often cannot be trusted to give you the color that you want, and they can be very harsh on your hair. Also, trying to use things like bleach at home can be very dangerous because you may not know what level is safe for your hair. In any case, trying to do your own hair can lead to some negative consequences that require corrective coloring. Your hair stylist is going to be able to examine your hair to see why it didn't bleach or take to the dye like you wanted it to and will begin the process of getting your hair to the color that you want it to be. 

Keratin Treatment 

Keratin is made naturally by your hair, but if you hair is damaged at all, it may not produce the amount of keratin that your hair needs to be healthy. Your hair may become damaged by your over-dying it, bleaching it, or having a health condition. Thankfully, a hair stylist can mimic what healthy hair does naturally by giving you a keratin treatment. This treatment is going to be massaged all throughout your hair, and then heat will be added to help open your follicles, allowing the keratin to sink deep within your hair follicles and provide your hair the nourishment that it needs. 


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How to Get Flawless Porcelain Skin

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