How to Get Flawless Porcelain Skin

How to Get Flawless Porcelain Skin

Tips For Preparing For Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

by Judith Davidson

Whether you want to remove excess skin after extreme weight loss, recently had a baby, or went through liposuction, there are several reasons why you and your doctor have decided to move forward with a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty. Proper preparation before your abdominoplasty will ensure the procedure and your recovery are more successful.

Here are a few tips to help you properly prepare for your tummy tuck procedure:

Gather Everything You Will Need for Home After the Surgery

You will experience some discomfort and trouble moving around for the first few days after surgery. Getting everything you need before surgery day will ensure you are able to relax and heal comfortably at home. Here are a few things you will need to help you recover after your abdominoplasty:

  1. Personal hygiene necessities. Purchase some dry shampoo, personal cleansing wipes, lotion, and other convenience items that allow you to stay clean without getting your stitches wet.
  2. A few extra pillows. Additional pillows, including body pillows, allow you to position yourself in a comfortable position that won't damage your stitches.
  3. Healthy snacks and meals. Keep fruit, vegetables, granola, and other quick, healthy snacks. Ask a friend or family member to help you prepare easy, healthy meals.

Secure a ride from the hospital after the procedure as well. Ask the friend or family member to stay with you for the first few hours after the surgery to ensure you get everything you need and monitor you for any post-operative bleeding or fever.

Receive the Necessary Pre-Operative Medical Care

Your physician will schedule a pre-operative appointment to ensure that you are physically ready to undergo the abdominoplasty. During the appointment, the physician will ask you several questions about your medical history, any medications you are on, any previous surgeries, and your post-operative expectations.

Take this opportunity to ask any questions you have about the procedure and what you can expect after the surgery is over. If you are taking any medications that could cause post-operative complications, such as blood thinners or birth control pills, your physician will ask you to stop taking the medication a few days or weeks before the surgery.

Quit Smoking

Finally, if you are a smoker, consider quitting in the days or weeks before the procedure. The chemicals in cigarettes can greatly impact your body's ability to heal, which can extend your recovery time and potentially lead to unnecessary pain and discomfort.

From making sure you have everything you need to recover after the procedure to quitting smoking, there are several things you should do to prepare for your tummy tuck surgery.


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How to Get Flawless Porcelain Skin

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