How to Get Flawless Porcelain Skin

How to Get Flawless Porcelain Skin

Avoid Color Confusion: Tips For Choosing A Hair Color That Works For You

by Judith Davidson

If you are like most people, you have probably had at least one bad experience with hair color. This often happens when you see a great hairstyle and color in a magazine or online and decide it will look amazing on you. Unfortunately, not all hair colors are flattering for everyone. Following a few tips will help you avoid color confusion the next time you go to your hair salon.

Let your skin tone be your guide

Finding your skin tone can be helpful in choosing the right hair color. The best way to determine your skin tone is to stand in natural light and wear a white shirt, because dark shirts may reflect lighting, which can make your skin color appear different. Your skin tone will either be fair, light, medium, or dark.

Light and fair skin tones tend to look good with light to medium shades of blonde, brown, tawny, or copper hair colors, as dark colors can make the face look washed out. Medium and dark skin tones look best with toffee, cinnamon, chocolate, mocha, or mahogany hair colors.

Determine your goal for hair color

Do you want your hair to stand out and get noticed or do you simply want an attractive color to cover your gray? Bright hair dyes such as pink, purple, blue, and red can wash out fair complexions, but if your goal is to stand out and show off your favorite color, going with a bright color is perfectly fine. To cover gray, you will want to choose a color like your original hair color to create a subtle look that appears natural.

Decide how much you want to invest

Certain hair colors cost more than others and will likely cost you more to maintain. Taking your future budget into consideration can help you choose a hair color that will not stress you out financially. You will need to discuss with your hair salon professional whether temporary, permanent, or highlighting is best for your hair type and budget. 

It is not difficult to find the best hair color for your skin type and your unique style when you follow a few tips when shopping for hair color. The best hair color will complement your complexion and facial features rather than distract from them. You can walk into your styling salon with confidence when you know what hair color will look great on you and leave happy with a hair color you love.

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How to Get Flawless Porcelain Skin

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