How to Get Flawless Porcelain Skin

How to Get Flawless Porcelain Skin

Why A Blow Dryer Isn't Just Blowing Hot Air

by Judith Davidson

Like most people, you probably have a hair dryer in your bathroom at home. You may even refuse to stay in a hotel room if the room does not have a hair dryer. Yet, you should know that hair dryers can do so much more than blow hot air and dry your hair. The following reveals some of the amazing things that salon stylists know how to do when using a hair dryer on your hair.

The Brazilian Blowout

Perhaps the most well-known hair dryer technique is the Brazilian blowout. The stylist takes slightly damp, curly, or frizzy hair and applies a keratin product made to tame wild "manes." Then the stylist uses a brush and hair dryer to pull, straighten, and dry the roughest and most tangled of hair, resulting in sleek, frizz-free hair. This hair dryer hair style is so popular because it lasts up to ten weeks. 

Creating Waves

To create waves, you need to wash your hair with a curling shampoo and conditioner. This helps bring out any of the natural curl already in your hair. Then you start blow drying it. When your hair is still a little damp, you apply a styling product and "scrunch" your hair as you continue to dry it. The result is lots of waves that will last for about a day, or until you wash your hair again.

Curls and Flips

On short hair, regardless of whether you are a man or woman, you can create curls or flips on the ends of your hair. A round brush, damp hair, and a blow dryer is all you really need. However, you can use a little hair spray or a little styling gel to hold the flips or curls in place.

As you pull the round brush through your hair, spin the brush and focus the hair dryer on the ends of your hair as the ends are rolled around the brush. Hold the brush in place for a minute or two before you release the hair, making sure the hair is dry before you roll it off the brush. Roll the brush higher and tighter for curls and lower and looser for flips.


This is a trick you probably already use, if you use a blow dryer regularly. Turning your hair upside down and drying it from the roots to the tips gives your hair more volume, which also makes it look like you have more hair—an important trick for anyone who has thinning hair and wants to hide the thinning spots. You can tease your hair even higher with a little hair spray to the roots and a brush that brushes from the roots at the nape of your neck to the crown of your head.


In the height of the '80s, high hair was big hair, and big hair was the "it" thing. Big hair is still popular in some southern states, too. (You can see this in many of the pageants held in these states.)

If you want even more height in your hair, use your blow dryer to blow from underneath your bangs (if applicable) and underneath the hair on the top of your head and sides of your face. Use a styling brush, preferably a vented brush, to pull the hair skyward as you apply heat. Allow the hair to fall naturally from the brush to create height. Keep doing this until the hair has the desired height. Then spray your high hair with a light- to medium-hold hair spray to keep the height going all day.

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How to Get Flawless Porcelain Skin

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